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Hi...Ken here. I'm what you could say is the "nature half" of ninjas in nature. Sensei Mark Roemke, the founder of Pathways Dojo, is the "ninja half". 


I've spent the majority of my life training as a student of the natural world. I've been a backcountry wilderness ranger in the arctic, an endangered species biologist in Hawaii, a professional environmental educator, and a nature program director. 

My personal goal on this planet is to help re-connect as many people as I can to the natural world, especially kids. It's something that our planet really needs if we intend to keep calling it our home.


I've spent decades gathering connection tools that engage and reawaken people to the landscapes around them. Some of the best tools for activating people that I've encountered are the ancient skills of survival and awareness training.

I thought I had a pretty good connection toolkit... until I met Mark Roemke, a REAL ninja, who embodies a lifetime of training in the ancient art of ninjutsu. He is a 15th Dan (degree black belt) and holds the highest rank attainable (Dai Shihan). The only rank higher is Soke or grandmaster.


As I watched him work his magic with adults and kids, I saw his students become ALIVE in their bodies and minds, lights fully on in their eyes, and best of all...they were unreasonably happy. I realized he had a pretty amazing ninja bag of connection tools. After all...who doesn't want to be a ninja?!

When we combined our collective connection skillsets, I was blown away by the results. It was nature connection and full body activation on high octane, and it changed lives. Lots of them. Especially kids.


The result of that encounter is this training program, Ninjas in Nature, or the NiN Program.


Nin means to persevere. The ancient skills that have been handed to us have persevered for a long time. Our goal is to pass them on to the next generation.


If you'd like to join us in this endeavor, we invite you to check out the various training opportunities below that will lead you down the path of ninjas in nature.

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We share tips, tools, and techniques of sensory awareness, nature survival skills, and the art of the ninja to awaken the full human potential in youth and the adults who lead them. 


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