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Led by Dai Shihan Mark Roemke


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What is NiN? Nin is a Japanese term that means "to persevere". My name is Mark Roemke. I have attained the level of 15th Dan in ninjutsu, the art of the ninja. I am the founder of Pathways Dojo and the Ninjas in Nature or "NiN" Program. One thing that I have learned from my training is that nature is the ultimate teacher. We created the NiN Program for youth leaders, martial arts instructors, and parents to activate kids through the art of the ninja and the natural arts of survival and awareness. It is the ultimate form of training, and it changes peoples lives. 


Youth Elemental and Ancient Ninja Tool Training Videos

Engage Youth Through The Fusion of Ninjutsu, Nature Survival And Awareness Training

  • Learn mentor skills to engage youth in an easy to learn video format

  • Gain skills for easy-to-learn self defense techniques that build self confidence in youth

  • Learn nature survival skills to build self sufficiency in youth

  • Get sedentary youth outside and active to connect them deeply to the natural world

  • Teach youth how to hand-make their own self defense training tools gathered from nature

  • Learn games and activities that are engaging, fun, and motivational for youth

  • Earn rank, certificates, shirts and patches through online testing

  • Become a certified instructor

  • Recommended for ages 7 to adult

  Featured Products  

 Ancient Ninja Tools

Learn self defense skills and how to make training tools such as hanbo, escrima sticks, rokushaku bo and more  

 Rokushaku Bo Basics Training 

 (Full Length Staff) 

 $19 .99

Hanbo Basics Training

(Half Length Staff) 




Coming Soon!


 Escrima Basics Training

 (Short Stick Training) 


Youth Kyoketsu Shoge 

 (Ring, Rope, and Hook) 




Coming Soon!

 Elemental Training 

Connect to Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void Through Our Elemental Rank Training System  

Element Path Instructor Certification

Our training course for youth and families, divided into the elemental themes of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void


Ninja Mentor Vault

Access our games and mentor philosophy training vault of 36 Videos



"'I feel braver...and taller,' my daughter said as we washed off

all the mud from a great day doing NiN skills. To me, that summed it all up." 


Ninja Parent

"This program has the ability to reach kids who haven't been exposed to the gifts nature can provide, but also to heighten those who have grown up in nature. I think it has a unique complexity, which allows each kid to walk away experiencing their own lessons of what is most impactful for them personally."


Ninja Parent

"Ninjas in Nature is the best program I've ever  worked with. Their fun multi-talented training teaches skills and games I wish I had learned when I was a kid."


Level 2 Ninstructor


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