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Live virtual classes, guided mentoring, and belt promotion!


  • Earn Rank

    Progress in rank from white to black belt with our monthly training format. Test and promote to a new rank every three months.

  • Access Weekly Live Online Training Sessions

    Access beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Dai Roemke will personally teach two classes per week with Pathways Dojo staff leading additional classes. Each week we will offer live online classes for basic, intermediate, and advanced. As students progress from Basics to more advanced classes, they are allowed to return to train to lower level classes as review/preparation for their black belt test.

  • Video Training Vault Access

    Miss your weekly classes? Not a problem. We've got you covered. We will record and save each zoom class. Your membership will include access to the archive of these classes stored in the cloud.

  • Sensei Roemke Monthly Skills Video Access

    Members can access monthly recordings of live classes  by Sensei Roemke and his staff where they will break down individual techniques. Videos also include body conditioning training (Junan Taiso), and warm-up drills  that we will do with each live class.

  • One Membership For An Entire Family

    A single membership provides access to all monthly live online classes plus instructor evaluations for an entire household of ninjas. Students will have separate individual belt promotion testing fees. 

  • One Curriculum, All Ages

    Our curriculum is designed to put you on a  black belt path no matter your age. Youth and adults can train together, and we encourage entire families to train together. Our recommended minimum age is 7 for maximum student benefit.

  • Invite Families and Friends From Around the Globe to Attend Your Belt Promotion

    Sensei Roemke will lead our quarterly online belt promotion for students around the globe where students will demonstrate their skills. As part of our separate belt promotion/testing package, members may invite family and friends to observe their online zoom demonstration and promotion.


    Weekly Live Online Class Schedule

    All classes are 45 minutes long. See the weekly schedule below. We offer Basics (white belt and 9th kyu students), Intermediate (8th kyu-5th kyu), and advanced (4th-1st kyu). Classes are through Zoom. Basics students may attend Basics and Saturday classes. Once you reach Intermediate level (usually after 6 months), you may train in both the Basics and Intermediate classes. We encourage all students to attend classes below their current level as a review. When you test for shodan/black belt, you must know all the curriculum from Basics thru Advanced levels. 



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    For adults interested in Bujinkan curriculum offered at, you can train live online with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke with his Ninja Training TV Live Bujinkan class that meets twice weekly.

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