Begin our New Level 1 Adult Ninjas in Nature training.

This is our entry level training for adults that combines the art of the ninja with wilderness survival and awareness training. We start with the basics of ninjutsu, sensory awareness, movement and hands on skills. This training provides the foundation for all subsequent levels of deeper training in the arts of the ninja as applied to the natural world. Nature is our dojo.

Here are some of the skills we cover in this course:

  • falling and rolling skills
  • the basics of fire dynamics and challenges with fire using matches
  • knife safety and carving basics
  • anchoring to a place in nature
  • expanding your visual and auditory senses
  • dynamic sensory movement techniques

How the course works

  • step-by-step lessons with written and video tutorials
  • you submit journal reflections for each lesson
  • NiN staff review and respond once you complete the course
  • Upon completion you are eligible to purchase the Level 1 NiN patch



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