Chi Pathway

The first pathway to our Youth Ninjas in Nature Elemental Training.

Chi means "Earth". In this training we teach skills that connect you to the natural world.


The Guardian Animal Ranks

Our Ninjas in Nature training has 5 Levels in the ranking system based on the Guardian Animals below:

Completing the Chi Pathway is one of the requirements towards earning Level 2/Kame.


Skills covered in the Chi Pathway


  • Knife safety, saw safety, and woodworking skills
  • Making an escrima (throwing) stick
  • Self defense skills using an escrima stick
  • Stalking and throwing techniques for an escrima stick
  • Invisibility/stealth skills
  • The survival skill of making a one-match fire
  • Choosing a sit spot on a landscape
  • One hour of silence
  • Blindfold awareness training in nature
  • Learning 5 natural hazards from your region
  • Keeping detailed notes/drawings in a notebook
  • How to draw kanji (Japanese calligraphy)


What you get with this training

  • Our Chi Guardians Training Manual for adults to lead youth through all of the skills (downloadable PDF).
  • A checklist of all skill requirements
  • 20 tutorial videos explaining each skill
  • A certificate of completion (downloadable PDF)
  • Access to purchase the Chi Pathway shirt, patches and more (available only to students of our NiN training)
  • Access to our private NiN Instructor Facebook group where you can ask staff questions and share stories and photos


Benefits to students

  • Self confidence and self sufficiency
  • Improved eye-hand coordination and agility
  • Greater knowledge of place
  • Awareness of local hazards
  • Learning to be still and quiet
  • Experience with potentially life-saving survival skills
  • Experience with use of tools
  • Safety knowledge and experience using a knife and saw
  • Learning the value of note-taking/art by using a personal journal
  • A deeper connection to self, others, and the landscape around them
  • Unreasonably happy youth (and adult leader)!
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