Chi Pathway

Our next Elemental Pathway Training

Chi means "Earth". In this training we teach skills that connect you to the natural world.

*Prerequisite Course: Level 1 NiN Rank Training


The Guardian Animal Ranks

Our Ninjas in Nature training has 5 Levels in the ranking system based on the Guardian Animals below:

Completing the Chi Pathway is one of the requirements towards earning the rank of Turtle/Kame.


Skills covered in the Chi Pathway


  • Knife safety, saw safety, and woodworking skills
  • Making an escrima (throwing) stick
  • Self defense skills using an escrima stick
  • Stalking and throwing techniques for an escrima stick
  • Invisibility/stealth skills
  • The survival skill of making a one-match fire
  • Choosing a sit spot on a landscape
  • One hour of silence
  • Blindfold awareness training in nature
  • Learning 5 natural hazards from your region
  • Keeping detailed notes/drawings in a notebook
  • How to draw kanji (Japanese calligraphy)


What you get with this training

  • A step-by-step guided online course
  • A checklist of all skill requirements
  • 20 tutorial videos explaining each skill
  • A certificate of completion (downloadable PDF)
  • Access to purchase the Chi Pathway shirt, patches and more (available only to students of our NiN training)
  • Reflection quizzes with each lesson


Benefits to students

  • Self confidence and self sufficiency
  • Improved eye-hand coordination and agility
  • Greater knowledge of place
  • Awareness of local hazards
  • Learning to be still and quiet
  • Experience with potentially life-saving survival skills
  • Experience with use of tools
  • Safety knowledge and experience using a knife and saw
  • Learning the value of note-taking/art by using a personal journal
  • A deeper connection to self, others, and the landscape around them
  • Unreasonably happy youth (and adult leader)!

Cost: $69



The Turtle Trio!

Access all three courses to earn the Level 1 NiN Rank and Level 2 Turtle/Kame Rank. This bundle includes the complete Level 1 NiN, Knife Safety, and Chi/Earth courses. Over 40% off the combined individual course purchases. Cost: $89

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