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Ninja Code of Conduct

When we bow in at the home dojo with Sensei Roemke, we say "shiken haramitsu daikomyo". One meaning of this Japanese phrase is "through every encounter, may we reach the highest light." By training together and supporting each other in a positive manner, we will all reach our fullest potential. To participate in our programs we ask parents/guardians to review our ninja code of conduct below with their youth. We ask students to agree to uphold these standards at home and in nature to participate in our program.



Ninja Code of Conduct: C.A.R.E

Contribute— assist the instructor, and occasionally help teach new students skills. Contributing also includes communicating with an instructor (if there are any issues that are bothering them) or giving an instructor constructive feedback (this includes parent feedback which we value). Be helpful at home.

Awareness— personal safety, safety of others (including using our best words), and cleaning up after yourself, including at home.

Respect— respect for self, others, instructors, parents, elders, and teachers at home and at our nature dojo.

Endure — "nin" as in "ninja" means to persevere or endure. Simply put, show up to train. Have a positive attitude. Try your best.

We ask families to review and agree to our code of conduct as part of our application process. To earn rank with our Nature or Ninjutsu training, students must be upholding this code of conduct when training with us and at home. We check in with families prior to rank promotion about this.

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