Welcome to the NiN Fire Keeper Pathway! Below are the requirements and training videos to support your journey. If you have any questions, please contact us at nin@pathwaysdojo.com. When you are ready to test, please email us and we will arrange a live testing session. Stoked you are doing this!

NiN Fire Keeper Requirements:

  1. Make a bow drill kit from the land
  2. Gather a tinder bundle from the land
  3. Set up a one-match fire
  4. Light the fire w bowdrill kit (witness by Fire Keeper)
  5. Tend fire for group for 30+ min
  6. Tend down (safely put out)

Make a bow drill kit

Tinder Bundle

Bow drill techniques part 1

Bow drill techniques part 2

Bow drill techniques part 3

V Fire 1 match fire setup

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