NiN Fire Keepers

The NiN Fire Keepers are those individuals who choose to connect to the ancestral skills surrounding fire and ninjutsu. They are the “keepers of the flame”. They are individuals who carry the ancestral knowledge and experience for how to make fire from the land through a deep connection with the species around them. They are the ones who make and tend the fires for their community be it for sustenance, celebration, or condolence, and will show up unconditionally when called upon to light their community fire. They are the teachers of this knowledge. They represent the embodiment of perseverance or “nin” as anyone who has attempted to make fire by gathering materials from the landscape knows well that fire demands focus, attention, and a lot of patience and perseverance. Being authentic practitioners of the art of the ninja, they remember that the origins of their art can be traced to the fire walkers of long ago. They are humble, as fire knows well how to teach this lesson. Above all, they are bringers of light in times of darkness.

Requirements (invite only):

  1. Make a bow drill kit from the land
  2. Gather a tinder bundle from the land
  3. Set up a one-match fire
  4. Light the fire w bowdrill kit (witness by Fire Keeper)
  5. Tend fire for group for 30+ min
  6. Tend down (safely put out)

The Fire Keeper Pathway

To accept this training pathway complete the short form through the link below and make a payment (which covers the shirt, patch, certificate, and training video resources).

NiN Fire Keeper Shirt
(custom dojo logo available)
NiN Fire Keeper Patch


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