NiN Games

Below are some of our favorite games to play during our NiN Programs

Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

This is about having quick awareness and being quick on your feet!

Camouflage Game

This is a good game that can be played anywhere in nature and at random moments when you yell "camouflage!"

Steal the Chi

Kids never seem to tire of this sneaky ninja game!

Clothespin Game

This is a fun one for getting sneaky and practicing awareness.

Stalking Game

This game is great for practicing stealth movement, especially fox walking.

Ninja Crab Grab

This is an energetic movment/balance game.

Otter Steals the Fish

This game combines speed, sneakiness, and awareness.

Stick connection games

Try these challenge games with escrima, rokushaku bo, hanbos, or wood from the landscape.

Owl Eyes Games

Try these challenges to test your awareness and reflexes using owl eyes.

Sword Dodge Game

This one never seems to get old. For some reason people love having a sword swung at them!

Ninja Roll Tag

This is a great one for a medium to large group of ninjas. Check out the written instructions below. If you don't know how to do a ninja roll (zenpo kaiten naname), watch the video below first.

Ninja Roll

Watch the video to learn zenpo kaiten naname (the forward diagonal ninja roll).

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