NEW! Guardian's Guide: NiN Basics Pathway

By Kenneth Clarkson and Dai Shihan Mark Roemke


Our latest instructor training manual that leads students through the four skills of our NiN Basics Pathway. Designed to teach adults how to lead youth through our introductory training, this action-packed book fuses the art of the ninja with nature survival and awareness training. This is our trailhead curriculum that leads to all of our subsequent training pathways for the Ninjas in Nature Program.

Here's a peek behind the cover

We teach four core curricular skills plus a bonus skill and games.

  • Ninjutsu Skills

    We teach three sword evasion techniques led by Dai Shihan Mark Roemke, one of the most skilled ninjas on the planet.


  • Engaging Games

    We teach you how to lead engaging games that appy the skills we teach.




  • Video Links

    We give you links to easy-to-follow video tutorials for both the skills and the games. Watch yourself, then teach the skills or show the videos to your students.  

  • Nature Survival and Awareness Skills

    We teach you how to safely lead a fire skill, invisibility skill and sensory awareness skill.

  • Bonus Skill

    We teach you how to lead a calligraphy lesson and provide pdf downloads of kanji characters. This activity can be substituted for any of our other core four skills of the NiN Basics training. 

  • Certificates, shirts, and patches

    We give you a link to download certificates for your students and also to purchase patches and shirts available only to students who complete this training.


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