Basics Level 1

Everyone has the potential to teach! This is a core philosophy with Pathways Dojo. We also believe that teaching from experience is one of the most effective tools when working with youth. Our Instructor Training Program is designed for adults to learn and then lead. We also give you a teaching tool box that is filled with engaging skills, nature awareness training, games, and mentor approaches.

Who is our training for? Whether you are a parent who wants to learn the skills before teaching them to their kids, or a youth group leader that wants to add our curriculum to your quiver of mentoring tools, our step-by-step training will easily guide you through the skills for each curricular pathway. And, you don't need a background in martial arts or nature skills to become a certified instructor.

Why become a certified NiN Instructor?

Many adults ask us..."What if I don't have a martial arts or nature background?" No problem. We've got you covered. We start with a core set of four basic nature and ninjutsu skills that we believe anyone can learn, and then build upon this foundation as we guide you deeper into our curriculum. By going through the curriculum, learning our "ninja mentor" techniques, and completing an evaluation with our staff, you gain confidence as a leader before teaching the youth in your life.

NiN for your business.

If you are someone who leads youth for an occupation, adding NiN curriculum to your program can be a successful addition to your business. We have been running youth NiN programs across the country for years, and the rosters always fill. For some reason, kids (and adults) want to be real ninjas. Go figure. Speaking of "real" ninjas, the skills we teach are based on the authentic art of ninjutsu. Dai Shihan Mark Roemke, the founder of Pathways Dojo, is licensed by the Grandmaster of ninjutsu, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi to teach. It's the real deal.

How does our training work? Our training process is simple. 1) Learn the skills. 2) Document yourself doing the skills, and 3) Send us videos/photos for evaluation. Oh, I forgot. #4...have tons of fun.

Levels of Certification. Just like our student ranking system, our Instructor Training follows a parallel Five Level Certification Process.

Oh, and don't worry. You can get the cool T-shirts too.

It all starts with this NiN Basics Instructor Training. You are in the the right place.

What do you get with our training membership?

  • Access to the NiN Basics Pathway Membership (video and written youth curriculum)
  • Pathways staff evaluation of your skills
  • Pathways staff email responder for skills questions, program design, or youth mentoring tips
  • Access to our Ninja Mentor Level 1 Video Vault
  • Access to our Ninja Games Level 1 Video Vault
  • A discount code good for one free family access to the NiN Basics Pathway Membership (video and written youth curriculum)
  • Unreasonable fun

Access to the NiN Basics Pathway

This is our core curriculum that we use to begin the Ninjas in Nature training journey for all students. This membership access covers  4 Basic skills of ninjutsu, nature survival and awareness training, plus we throw an a bonus calligraphy skill. These are the core skills for you to learn with our instructor training program. You also get access for printing a certificate of completion and links for ordering rank shirts and patches.



Pathways Staff Evaluation

Once you have learned the skills, you send us photos and short videos for evaluation by our Pathways Dojo staff. We also ask you to pick one of the skills to film yourself teaching as a sample lesson.


Pathways Responder

Got questions? We've got you covered. At any point in your training, we are there to help answer questions, give teaching tips, and help you design your teaching experience for the youth you will lead. We are there to help you behind the scenes as you learn the skills and lead students from start to finish. Responder availability is good for 3 months after Instructor Membership purchase.



Ninja Mentor Vault

It's one thing to know a basic skill to teach. It's a another to know how to teach this skill to youth. Our Pathways instructor team has decades of experience mentoring youth in martial arts and in nature skills. We give you some of our favorite mentor tips and techniques through access to our Ninja Mentor Vault. This set of videos by Sensei Roemke and Pathways staff give you concepts to apply in order to make your lessons engaging, safe, and fun.


Ninja Games Vault

Fun is our first philosophy. Games are an integral part of our programs. We not only use games to awaken our bodies through movement, but they are a valuable way to create connection. At our programs, sometimes it's hard to tell who is having more fun, the instructors or the students. With our Level 1 Ninja Games Vault, we give you access to videos and written descriptions of some of our most popular games.



A Secret Ninja Discount Code for your students

With each of our five Instructor Training Levels, we give you a discount code that you can use for yourself or your students for each curricular Pathway Membership that you are leading students through. For the NiN Instructor Training, the code is worth 50% off the NiN Basics Membership for any additional families that you might lead. If you are leading a group of youth, simply give this code to them so that they have access to all the training videos at half off. If you are a parent that is leading just your family members through the curriculum, you can simply use your instructor training membership videos to lead your family members through the curriculum.

With Level 2 Instructor Training and beyond, your instructor discount code is good for you and your students across multiple curricular Pathway memberships.

Ready to begin your "Ninstructor" training?

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