Knife Safety Pathway

For most of our NiN Pathways, you will be using a knife for various skills. Completing our Knife Safety Pathway is essential to knowing basic knife use and safety. For some youth students, this may be their first time using a knife. Some parents/guardians like to award their young ninja their very first knife after completing this pathway. Learning these skills can serve as a mini "rite of passage" if they have never used or owned a knife. This is optional.

What you learn with our Knife Safety Pathway

  • Our knife safety rules
  • Safe carving techniques
  • Hands-on carving demonstrations: pencil sharpening, bark carving, making a point, edge, and notch
  • How to put together a basic wound kit
  • How to sharpen a knife

What you get with this Pathway

  • A checklist of the skills required to complete this Pathway
  • Training videos for the above skills
  • Links to our preferred knives and sharpening stone that work well for youth
  • A certificate of completion (pdf)
  • Access to purchase the Knife Safety Patch
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