Leading Your Own NiN Program

We've created our online training and instructor certifications so you can add these skills to your teaching toolkits. If you are a parent/guardian you can lead up to 3 youth under your guidance through a NiN curricular Pathway without need for certification or licensing. If you'd like to take to the experience to the next level, you can run your own Ninjas in Nature Program by becoming a licensed NiN Program. Youth LOVE ninja skills and these can be a profitable business add-on to your offerings.

NiN Guardians

If you are a parent/guardian, you can still earn instructor certification (optional) while leading up to three youth through a NiN Pathway. You can order shirts and patches for these 3 youth. You assume all liability for anyone under your tutelage for a NiN Pathway.


NiN Licensing

As a licensed NiN instructor, you can use our curricular resources (videos/written materials), trademarks/logos, receive NiN Mentoring services, have an exclusive NiN homerange, and order patches and shirts for as many youth as you like as you guide youth down a curricular Pathway. You can earn instructor certification for each curricular Pathway that you lead.

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