Welcome Ninstructor

Welcome to our NiN Level 1 Instructor training program. We like to begin our classes in the dojo and in nature with gratitude. We are unreasonably grateful that you are interested in this learning journey. We hope you enjoy your journey along this course as much as we have in creating it for you.

We are also grateful for the ultimate teacher- nature. The natural world allows us to live by providing food and shelter, and also provides inspiration, learning, and deep connection to ourselves and the landscape around us.

We are grateful for those who no longer walk this Earth, the mentors who passed down these skills that we teach. We recognize that we are a link in this knowledge chain, and that we have a responsibility to future generations to keep these skills alive by teaching them to others. We are grateful that you are interested in becoming part of this lineage.

Check out the short video below to a feel for what our training courses are like and some of the fun that awaits you. Feel free to show this to the young ninjas you will be training.

But what are you grateful for in this moment? Take a minute to tell the ninja nearest you something that you are thankful for.

In the next section we will give an overview of how this training course works.