Licensing with NiN

Advantages of Licensing

If you are a fee-for-service non-profit or for-profit organization that runs youth programs, you may apply to become a Licensed NiN organization. As a licensed organization you have the following benefits:

1) Group regalia. Access to unlimited group orders of shirts, patches, and bandanas. Non-licensed/certified instructors are limited to 3 shirts, patches, bandanas per course.



2) Marketing. Use of our Trademarks and Copyrighted material for marketing and educational purposes.



3) Ninja mentor support. Our Pathways Staff are available to support you if you have questions about content, program design, or marketing. We also give you access to our Ninja Game Vault that includes written and video tutorials plus ninja mentor support for the games that we play that create to high engagement with our programs.



4) Exclusive Program Territory. When you are licensed with us, you get a designated territory around your program location where only your organization may run our NiN programs.



Requirements for Licensing

To license you need to: 1) have at least one certified NiN instructor on your staff and 2) add Pathways Dojo as an "additionally insured" entity on your liability insurance for the NiN program you are running. We cover these details with you as part of the licensing process. Instructors are licensed to teach individual curricular modules (i.e. Pathways) that they are certified to teach.


Our licensing is based on a per-student rate and is charged as a testing fee per students. This is a sliding scale based on your organizational or individual business design (ex. for-profit vs. non-profit). This per-student cost helps insure that small groups are able to participate in our licensing program. These testing fees are applied for each student pathway that you teach (ex. leading the Chi Pathway).

To Apply for NiN Licensing

Complete the short application form below. Our staff will review and respond to you.


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