NiN Elements

This is where it all begins.

NiN Elements is our adult training program that creates the foundation for all our subsequent training programs that fuse wilderness survival and awareness with the ancient arts of the ninja. Nature is our dojo. We take martial arts skills that are commonly practiced indoors and apply them to nature. We also expand your awareness while building connection and self-confidence by letting the ultimate teacher, nature, be your guide.

The skills we cover in this course:

  • Training with matches– fire is an essential skill for our training programs. We start with the basics by burning a lot of matches to learn about fuel, weather, fire dynamics and more.
  • Natural movement– we teach falling, leaping, and rolling in nature.
  • Stealth– we teach how to move silently across terrain, a skill that will help you get closer to highly aware creatures in the wild.
  • Sensory awareness– we show you how to expand your visual and auditory senses so that you can become a highly aware human.
  • Dynamic awareness– we combine movement with sensory awareness to create a dynamic, highly alert, moving meditation.
  • Knife safety and use– for the majority of our subsequent courses we use knives for woodworking and even self defense drills. Knowing safe practices are an essential skill to cover on the front end. We also give you 5 carving techniques to do with wood gathered from the wild.
  • Hazard awareness– Knowing your local hazards is an essential skill to avoid injury. We give you a focused research research assignment to do on your local hazards.
  • Stealth awareness challenge– we wouldn't be real ninjas unless we sent you on a mission to target some of your local friends and family.
  • Tinder bundle– we chose a fire essential, the tinder bundle, to focus on for this training. The tinder bundle is key to creating a successful survival fire.
  • Final fire challenge– this challenge wraps up our training. Its fun, but you'll have to do the course to find out what it is!

What you get with this course

  • Access to a 10 day online course, with a new lesson released each day
  • Video and written lessons
  • Journal assignments and a short quiz with each lessson
  • A certificate of completion after completing all skills, quizzes, and the final reflection
  • Access to purchase the NiN Elements patch
  • Access to all subsequent adult NiN training courses upon completion

Begin your training today through the link below!

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