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Fall 2021 Shinobi Sundays

Location: Concord, MA (location TBA pending registration)

Dates/Times: 6 Sundays, 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, begins Oct, 1-3;30 pm

Age/Class Size: Limit 16 youth ages 8-14

Cost: $300 (sibling discounts available)

Registration:  open

To Apply: Complete this short application form

Program Description (for both programs above)

We will once again be fusing the arts of nature awareness and survival skills with the art of the ninja (ninjutsu). Half of each session will focus on nature skills that include survival skills (shelter, fire, water, and food), awareness (species identification, tracking, and sensory awareness) and helper (hazards, first aid, wild medicinals, and teaching others). The second half of our in person session day will shift to the art of the ninja, or ninjutsu training in our outdoor dojo (tarp shelter area). The ninjutsu training will include self defense/protector arts, motion, balance, and agility training, and junan taiso (flexibility, strength, and endurance).  Oh, did I mention that we play A LOT of games?

Students will receive a weekly email with a home ninja mission (30-45 min each week) that will review skills covered and/or add new nature or ninjutsu skills to practice at home. Home training is recorded in a personal "ninja notebook".  We will email families a weekly home ninja mission email that will include written or prerecorded video skills to practice. Students will have the option to earn rank for our nature and/or ninjutsu levels by participating in a skills challenge/rank promotion day on the final day of the program.

Home Training

To develop competency with skills, develop "muscle memory", and integrate  skills into a student's daily routines, we believe that it is important to train at home. This is especially important for agility, ninjutsu, fitness, and survival skills. For youth to be successful at home, they need the support of a parent or guardian. Students need on average only train for 30-45 minutes at home each week.

We ask that adults help support their ninja at home in three ways:

  1. Help them schedule a time each week to train,
  2. Help them access the curriculum (video or written), and
  3. Help ensure they train safely.

Though not required, we invite you to train along side your ninja. Fun is a requirement!

Each week we send a home training assignment to students (via email to families). We make it easy for you by providing written instructions or training videos to watch to practice the skills. These are usually skills we have recently introduced at our program.

Covid Safety

To insure student and instructor safety, we will follow current CDC, state, and local guidelines for covid safety. Students are asked to bring a personal mask and hand sanitizer each week. We will use masks whenever we are in close proximity (less than 6 feet) for extended periods of time. All of our training is intended to be outdoors.



Don't have NiN in your area?

It only takes one have a dedicated adult who wants to become a ninja! If you'd like to learn more about our program offerings including home training, in-person programs, and instructor certification, we'd love to hear from you. Simply complete the short contact form below and a staff member will reach out to you.

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