Level 1 NiN Pathway

This is where it all begins! Designed for youth ages 7 and up, these skills form a foundation that we build upon for all of our subsequent curricular pathways. Students learn 4 skills for this Level 1 training. Our membership provides the adult leader with all resources to easily guide youth through this training. No martial arts or nature skills background required!

Skills covered in this training


Ninjutsu: Ninjutsu is the ancient "art of the ninja." The ninjutsu skill we teach is sword evasion. We teach you how to make a simple foam training sword, three ninjutsu movements to evade the sword, and a fun game to play once you have mastered the techniques.




Invisibility: The invisibility skill we teach is silent ninja walking, also known as Shinobi Aruki. This will teach you how to move slowly and quietly across the natural landscape.






Awareness: Zanshin is a ninja term for awareness. Our Zanshin skill is a silence in nature challenge.






Survival Skill: The survival skill we teach is how to safely train with matches. We teach match safey, how to properly strike, flame dynamics, and wind awareness. Note* If you are unable to do fire, we have a bonus skill below that you can do instead.



Bonus Skill: If you are unable to do one of the four above skills, we offer Japanese calligraphy as a substitute. This art has been practiced by martial artists for centuries (and is a favorite of the Grandmaster of ninjutsu Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi!). We teach you brush stroke, and proper technique for making kanji characters for nin, sword, tiger and more.

What you get with our NiN Basics Training


Video Training Modules We provide easy to follow videos for each of the four skills and the bonus skill. We also give you videos for a review challenge at the end of the training that include highly engaging games. These videos are short, engaging and designed for parents, youth leaders, or instructors to easily lead youth.  If you prefer, just show the training videos to your students, then go do the skills. It's that simple!




Quizzes to test knowledge At the end of each lesson and for a final test after all lessons are complete, students complete short quizzes to test their knowledge and to reflect on their learning experiences.






A Final NiN Rank Challenge Our training culminates in a final set of games and skills challenges to review all the skills that were taught during the course.









Engaging Games For each of the skills we teach, we give you an engaging game to play to help students practice techniques. Each game is explained in with a video and described in the manual.








Certificate of Completion At the end of training, when you register with our NiN rank database, we share a link where you can download a blank student certificate to present to your ninja when they complete the course. Purchase of this course includes FREE registration of one student with our ranking database. Additional students may be registered for $20 ea.








Access to NiN Rank Shirt and Patch When you register a student with our NiN ranking database, we give you access to our ninja members only store where you can order shirts and a patches for the NiN Basics Pathway. These are only available to students who complete this level of training.





Access to the next training Pathway The NiN Basics Pathway is our trailhead to all of our additional curricular pathways. When you complete the NiN Basics training, students can begin their next pathway on their way to earning their next rank.




Ready to begin your training?!

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