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How Our Training Works

Who is our training for?

Our curriculum is designed for ages 7 and older. Yes, we consider adults in the "older" category as the survival, awareness, and ninjutsu skills that we teach are valuable for any age, and in our modern world, these skills are greatly needed in our adult leaders. Adults can become certified instructors by leading youth through these skills.


The NiN Ranks

Just as you can earn rank with our Pathways Ninja Training indoor martial arts program, with our NiN training, students can progress through a ranking system with their training in nature.

There are 5 Guardian Animal Levels (ranks) to earn with our training.


Check out our NiN Rank Info Page to learn more about requirements for each level.

The Process

Complete curricular Pathways. Earn new rank after finishing a certain number of new Pathways. Access a Pathway membership (below) to begin your training. Each membership includes easy to follow written instruction plus tutorial videos for each skill. Simply show your students the skills videos then go do the skills. It's that easy!


Earning Patches

Our Ninjas in Nature  or "NiN" program leads students down curricular "Pathways". As students complete Pathways, they earn patches.  Each rank above requires a certain number of patches to earn. The NiN Basics Pathway (below) is the first pathway to complete. There are 4 basic skills to learn with this level.  After this training we expand on the number of skills to learn for each subsequent Pathway, with each level becoming more challenging and more fun!

After Level 1 NiN Basics, students complete our Knife Safety Pathway, and then enter into our "Elemental Pathways" which include Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void Pathways. Our training is designed for adults to lead youth through the curriculum. We provide step-by-step details and tutorial videos for all skills and games.


The Pathways

The NiN Basics Pathway

This is where it all begins! Our first Pathway is the NiN Basics Pathway. With this training, we cover 4 easy-to-learn skills that form the foundation for all of our subsequent curricular Pathways. Our curriculum is designed for an adult guardian to easily lead youth through the skills. Do you need a martial arts or nature background? Nope! We've got you covered. We explain each skill through engaging videos and also provide a step by step instructor training manual (The Guardians Guide). Simply show your student(s) the videos, then go practice the skills. We also provide a NiN Rank certificate, links to rank shirts, patches, and more!

Knife Safety Pathway

We do a lot of work with knives in nature, from carving wood for our "Ancient Ninja Tools", to making a fire by friction kit. Most of our Pathways from Chi going forward require the use of a knife.

Chi (Earth) Pathway

This is where things start to get really fun. Chi means "Earth". This is the first of our Elemental Pathways (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void). Along this pathway students take a deep dive into hands on woodworking, ninjutsu, awareness, survival skills and much more.

Escrima Pathway

This is the beginning of our Ancient Ninja Tools Pathways! Escrima are approximately 16" long sticks with a long history of self defense. What makes our training unique is that we make all of our Ancient Ninja Tools by gathering wood from nature and carving them ourselves! Learn self defense, woodworking, target throwing, dive rolls and more!

Ninjutsu Training

Train online weekly with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke and his staff with our Pathways Ninja Training or Ninja Training TV Live classes. Access unlimited video training memberships for White to Black belt training by Sensei Roemke.

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