NEW! Ninja Mentor Lesson Plans

Learn the games, hands-on skills, awareness, survival, and ninjutsu youth activities that are the core of our curriculum for our youth training program as stand-alone lessons. These skills create the unreasonably happy ninja youth that are the success to our programs. Each lesson plan below comes with a training video, downloadable pdf, and access to our private Ninja Mentor Facebook Group where you can ask our instructors questions and receive feedback on the activities you lead. Each lesson plan includes video links, step-by-step instructions, variations, safety considerations, mentor perspectives and more.



Knife Safety

For most of our NiN courses, students use a knife for various skills. Completing our Knife Safety Training is essential to knowing basic knife use and safety. Most youth have very little training with knives. In this lesson, we teach safety practices to learn, and hands-on techniques to demonstrate competence.



Dive Rolls

This is one of most exciting rolls for youth. Once you have learned the basics of the ninja somersault, forward diagonal, and backwards rolls as described in our Ninja Rolls Lesson Plan below, the next level is to learn the dive roll, or hicho kaiten. This roll teaches you how to protect your head and neck from a high fall. In this lesson plan we teach the basic dive roll, a low crouching roll for distance, a high dive roll, and a high energy game to play with a group.



Ninja Rolls

One of the foundational skills of the ninja is learning to roll. Learning to do this technique safely is not only one of the most exciting, high energy skills for youth to learn, but also can save them from serious injury when falling. In this lesson plan we teach a basic "ninja somersault", the forward diagonal roll, and the backwards roll.



The Camouflage Game

Real ninjas know the art of disappearing on a landscape. This is the a ninja version of the classic hide and seek game. It's one of our standard games that we play with every program and is a great way to get youth connecting to the landscape.


Throwing Stick Techniques

One of the first things that a youth will do in nature is to pick up a stick. It's also one of the first things you should do in a survival or self defense situation. In this lesson we teach two methods for throwing plus stealth movement and dynamic rolls combined with throws. Instead of forbidding youth to pick up sticks in a nature program, we take a different approach. Our approach includes creating a time a space for active training with sticks and using the opportunity to teach respect and awareness.

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