Ninja Movement Pathway


In this pathway we will learn falling, rolling, tree climbing, fire movement, balance, create an obstacle course and more. A centerpiece for this path is creating a Jedi Training Center (JTC) and having the students work on their personal JTC sticks to carve that are used to play the game.

Ninja Mentor Overview

Click here to learn more about what our Ninja Mentor Pathway is about to give you the bigger picture on our youth mentor program, patches, levels and more.

Ninja Movement Pathway Skills

  • Make a Jedi Training Center
  • Steal the Animal Chi
  • Make JTC sticks
  • Safe falling (forward, back break falls)
  • Rolls (zenpo and koho kaiten)
  • Tree climbing
  • Fire movement
  • Tyrolean traverse
  • Squirrel branch movement
  • Making an obstacle course
  • Rope ladders

Lesson 1: Jedi Training Center

Click HERE for a short video overview of the Jedi Training Center

Jedi training center game rules


Lesson 2: Steal the Wild Animal Chi.

This is a combination of learning animal forms combined with one of our favorite games.

Seal the Wild Chi lesson.


Lesson 3: Fire Movement

We teach how to travel with a glowing coal safely to move a fire from one location to the next.

Fire Movement Lesson

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