PNT Gi and Belts

Ordering a Gi

While we do not require a gi to train with us online, we highly recommend one for these reasons:

  • Sensei always appreciates seeing students show up to class in their gi (as a sign of respect)
  • As you start to learn throws and other technical moves (ex. throws), having a gi is helpful for training with your partner
  • Our PNT training patch is sewn on the gi (contact us if you don't have one at

We like the quality and durability of gis offered through Century Martial Arts. A black gi/uniform is what you want. For newer (and growing) students, a lighter weight gi will suffice, but for more serious/committed adults a heavier weight is recommended.

PNT shirts

In addition to (or as an alternative) we have Pathways Ninja Training shirts that you can wear to class. You'll often see Sensei wearing his shirt. You can order these in youth or adult sizes at our online Pathways Dojo store.


Wearing your belt to class is important. It helps us as instructors to recognize your currentl level of training, and as you get into advanced skills we use belts for training (ex. katana training). You can order your belts through the links below.

Ordering Your Belts

To prepare for your belt promotion, we recommend ordering your belt in advance (the beginning of the promotion month) so that you have them ready when you do the belt promotion zoom event with Sensei Roemke at the end of the month.

It's a great motivator to have a belt on display somewhere in your home, just waiting for you to promote if you order it early!

Refer to the Belt Progression section above on the membership site to determine what your next belt color will be.

Important: You will want to order a double wrap belt.

Be sure to determine your belt size based on waist size HERE.

Here are some direct links to find your specific belt

If you have any questions about belt ordering, feel free to contact us at

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