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Pathways Ninja Training

Train with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke and his staff live online with our weekly classes for family or Advanced Adult Ninja. Purchase our companion video training series that leads you though our unique PNT curriculum in a digestible month-by-month format from white to black belt for family members.

Live Online Training


Train weekly online with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke and the Pathways instructors. This family training program is designed for youth and adults. Progress in Rank every three months with our ninjutsu curriculum that covers white to black belt.

PNT Video Series


Train on your own and test when you are ready! This is our companion video membership that covers our month by month curriculum progression for our PNT training. Membership includes unlimited access to our video series.

Ninja Training TV Live


Designed for the Bujinkan adult student, this live online membership gives you access to training and feedback for weekly training with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke. This live class is driven by requests from students who are members of NTTV (see below).

Ninja Training TV


Video memberships that include white to Black Belt Bujinkan curriculum training, weapons, and more led by Dai Shihan Mark Roemke.

Ninjas in Nature

Learn the ancient arts of connecting to the natural world. Become a leader of youth through our highly engaging curriculum that fuses the arts of the ninja with nature awareness and survival skills. 

Guardians Guide: NiN Basics Pathway

by Kenneth Clarkson and Mark Roemke


The Guardians Guide is our newest training manual for adults to lead youth through our Level 1 introductory skills of our Ninja in Nature training program. We teach you the skills, give you games and resources to compliment the training and provide links to training videos and more.

NiN Basics Membership


Our online membership for adults to lead youth through our Level 1 NiN Basics Training.

Video Memberships



Train at your own pace then submit your skills to us for certificates of completion.

The Burn Basket


Kenneth Clarkson


A story of evacuation, destruction, and hope to be found in the ashes of a California wildfire. The secret ninja bonus are the links to NiN fire skills that are included in the book. 


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