Ka (Fire) Instructor Certification Course

Our next Elemental Pathway Training for instructors in our youth program

Ka means "Fire." In this training we teach skills that connect you to the natural world and the element of fire.

*Prerequisite Course for adult instructors: Level 1 Ninstructor Certification

The Guardian Animal Ranks

Our Ninjas in Nature youth training has 5 Levels in the ranking system based on the Guardian Animals below:

Students completing the Ka course may earn a patch toward their next Rank. Learn more about Rank requirements.


Skills covered in the Ka Course

  • Knife safety, saw safety, and woodworking skills
  • Making a hanbo (half staff)
  • Stances, agility and self defense skills using a hanbo
  • How to gather a tinder bundle and make a fire
  • Cooking with fire using a hanbo
  • How to make a small stealth fire
  • How to make a small debris shelter using a hanbo
  • A ninjutsu fire kata
  • Blindfold awareness training in nature
  • Keeping detailed notes/drawings in a notebook
  • How to draw the ka kanji (Japanese calligraphy)


What you get with this training

  • A step-by-step guided online course
  • A checklist of all skill requirements
  • Tutorial videos explaining each skill
  • An instructor certificate of completion (downloadable PDF)
  • Access to purchase patches and more (available only to students of our NiN training)*
  • Reflection quizzes with each lesson

*note- certified instructors who have been approved for licensing may purchase unlimited patches and shirts. Unlicensed certified instructors may purchase up to 3 patches and shirts for their students.

Benefits to students

  • Self confidence and self sufficiency
  • Improved eye-hand coordination and agility
  • Greater knowledge of place
  • Focus
  • Experience with potentially life-saving survival skills
  • Experience with use of tools
  • Safety knowledge and experience using a knife, saw, and fire tending
  • Learning the value of note-taking/art by using a personal journal
  • A deeper connection to self, others, and the landscape around them
  • Unreasonably happy youth (and adult leader)!

Cost: $69


This program has the ability to reach kids who haven't been exposed to the gifts nature can provide but also heighten those who have grown up in nature. The instructors definitely make the time fun but there is a level of respect and honor that my kids enjoyed. They were proud to be part of the program. I think it has a unique complexity, which allows each kid to walk away experiencing their own lessons of what was most impactful for them personally.”

-Rebecca, MA




"Our first experience with NiN was more than we could have ever expected. Our son came home happy, calm, and content (not to mention tired!) every day. He loved and revered his counselors who were able to establish amazing rapport with each of their "clan" members over a short period of time. NiN is now the #1 ranked activity in our household!

-Vanessa, MA

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