Instructor Certification NiN Courses

Our instructor certification courses for adults who wish to lead youth through our NiN Rank curriculum.

NiN Rank

Fire, silence, invisibility, and swords. This is where it all begins!

Knife Safety

Safe knife techniques, carving with wood, and first aid.


We connect to the ground beneath our feet, make escrima sticks, and more!


Survival fire, cooking with fire, hanbos and more!

Adult NiN Courses

More advanced skills for adults and advanced students age 13 and up.

NiN Elements Adult Training

This is where it all begins. Our entry level adult NiN course that fuses the elements of nature awareness and survival with the art of ninjutsu.



Escrima Elements is a self defense stick training designed for adults and advanced students age 13 and up. This online course teaches how to make escrima sticks, blocking, striking, self defense and survival skills.

Spring Boston Area Weekend and Homeschool Registration Open!

Online Courses

Youth Instructor Certification Courses

These courses are designed for parents or youth leaders that want to add engaging curriculum to fully activate youth. You don't need any nature or martial arts background to lead these skills. We teach everything for you through training videos and step by step lessons. We believe in teaching from experience. This means that to certify, you simply do the skills first when going through each course. When you access the courses below we give you:

1) Short training videos that explain each skill.

To make the skills easy for you to teach, we have designed the videos so that you can show them to your students.

2) Step by step written instructions

3) 8 -10 lessons per course

4) Short quizzes to test your knowledge and reflect on lessons learned

5) Certificate of completion

6) Access to rank shirts and patches


Our training begins with our NiN Instructor Certification Course below.

Our curriculum is recommend for ages 7 to 13.

Our Curriculum

Our Ninjas in Nature training system combines the elements of the Art of the Ninja (ninjutsu) with nature awareness and survival skills. We have 16 curricular "pathways". The first prerequisite course is our NiN course.

The NiN Ranking System

There are 5 ranks to progress through. Each progressive rank has a required number of courses to complete. When a youth completes the Level 1 NiN course they earn the rank of NiN. When they complete their third course, they earn Kame (turtle). The highest rank is Ryū (dragon) which is awarded upon completion of the final 16th course. Our instructor certification follows a parallel rank. Instructors are certified by rank based on how many courses they complete. Learn more about our NiN Ranks and Regalia.

Level 1 NiN Instructor Certification Course

This is where it all begins!  We teach you all the skills so that you can lead youth through the same curriculum. We cover 4 easy-to-learn skills that form the foundation for all of our subsequent curricular Pathways plus give you a bonus skill.  Cost: $49

NEW! Ka (Fire) Instructor Certification Course

Fire is one of the greatest teachers of awareness, survival, and self-defense. In this course designed for adults who wish to lead youth we connect to the element of fire, make wooden hanbos, and more.  Cost: $69



Knife Safety Instructor Certification

We do ALOT of woodworking in our youth courses. We take knife use seriously. Without these skills, well...let's just say you probably will want a lot of band aids handy. We cover the "Knife Safety ABC's", hands-on wood carving techniques, and putting together a simple wound first aid kit. Upon completion you can order the knife safety patch (shown above) for your students and receive a certificate of completion. Cost: $39. Student/instructor prerequisite: Level 1 NiN Course.




Chi (Earth) Instructor Certification

This is where things really start to get fun. Chi means "Earth." This is the first of our Elemental Pathways (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void). Along this pathway students take a deep dive into hands on woodworking, ninjutsu, awareness, survival skills and much more. In this course we expand to 15 skills and add the woodworking technique of making an escrima/throwing stick. Cost: $69. Course Prerequisite: Level 1 NiN Pathway


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