NEW! Ninja Mentor Lesson Plans

Want the secret ninja sauce in snackable lesssons? We've got you covered!

We are rolling out our Ninja Mentoring Lesson Plans as stand-alone games, activities, hands-on skills, survival and awareness training. Each lesson offers a training video, downloadable PDF, and access to our private instructor network to ask questions and provide feedback.

Our Complete NiN Courses

If you like our individual ninja mentor lessons, then you would love our full courses that guide youth through our NiN ranking system. These courses are designed for parents/guardians, youth leaders, homeschool groups, youth groups, or program leaders that want to add engaging curriculum to your suite of content that you teach. You don't need any nature or martial arts background to lead these skills. We teach everything for you through training videos and step by step lessons. When you access the courses below we give you:

1) the training videos that explain the skills which you can show to youth

2) step by step written instructions

3) action-packed games to play to make the learning process fun and engaging

4) 8 -10 lessons per course based on a curricular theme

5) short quizzes to test for knowledge and proficiency

6) certificate of completion

7) access to rank shirts and patches

Our training begins with our NiN Basics Pathway below. Our curriculum is recommend for ages 7 and up.

Our Curriculum

Our Ninjas in Nature training system combines the elements of the Art of the Ninja (ninjutsu) with nature awareness and survival skills. We have 16 curricular "pathways". The first prerequisite course is our NiN Pathway below. As students complete a required number of pathways, they progress through the 5 ranks in our system. Our curriculum is designed for an adult to easily lead youth through the skills. Do you need a martial arts or nature background? Nope! We've got you covered. We explain each skill through engaging videos, written curriculum and downloaded handouts. Simply show your student(s) the videos, then go practice the skills. All we require of adults is to help assist the student as needed (accessing the videos in the course, and helping prepare materials), and supervise safety. We provide a NiN Rank certificate, links to rank shirts, patches, and more! We designed our training pathways as DIYY, a Dojo In Your Yard! You can do all skills right outside your back door!

The NiN Ranking System

There are 5 ranks to progress through. Each progressive rank has a required number of courses to complete. When you complete the Level 1 NiN Pathway course you earn the rank of NiN. When you complete your third course, you earn Kame (turtle). The highest rank is Ryū (dragon) which is awarded upon completion of the final 16th course.


Level 1 NiN Pathway

This is where it all begins! Our first Pathway course is the  Level 1 NiN Pathway. This course is designed for youth ages 7 and up. With this training, we cover 4 easy-to-learn skills that form the foundation for all of our subsequent curricular Pathways. Cost: $49



Knife Safety Pathway

NEW! This youth course teaches knife safety skills and hands-on wood carving techniques that are important for all subsequent pathways. Cost: $39. Course prerequisite: Level 1 NiN Pathway




Chi (Earth) Pathway

This is where things start to get really fun. Chi means "Earth". This is the first of our Elemental Pathways (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void). Along this pathway students take a deep dive into hands on woodworking, ninjutsu, awareness, survival skills and much more. Cost: $69. Course Prerequisite: Level 1 NiN Pathway



The Turtle Trio!

Access all three courses to earn the Level 1 NiN Rank and Level 2 Turtle/Kame Rank. This bundle includes the complete Level 1 NiN, Knife Safety, and Chi/Earth courses. Over 40% off the combined individual course purchases. Cost: $89



Ninstructor Training

Our philosophy is that everyone has the capacity to teach. We also believe that the best mentoring comes from direct experience. We developed our instructor training program, a.k.a. "Ninstructors" to parallel the youth training. To become certified, instructors simply complete the same skills that we require of the youth. We also provide some additional resources for you such as access to our Ninja Mentor video vault. Our instructor training program parallels our youth training with a similar ranking system based on the number of curricular Pathways (courses) you complete.

The skills that we challenge the youth with for our training program and not "dumbed down" in any way. Whether it is learning to make fire by friction, a survival shelter or how to avoid Dai Shihan Mark Roemke if he swings a sword at you (you never know when he will appear out of the forest), we believe that these skills are valuable no matter what age you are. Level 1 Instructor Training COMING SOON!

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