Ninja Mentor Blogs

The Power of Rope and Ring

Recently we guided a group of youth ninjas with our online live training program through the process of making training kyoketsu shoges. What's a kyoketsu shoge? For starters, a homemade version with parts gathered from nature looks like this... A […]

Becoming a Ninja Part 1

  How does a person go from having zero experience in an art to being one of the highest skilled practitioners on the planet?  In nature, a person beginning the journey of connecting to the landscape is like a tourist […]

Becoming a Ninja Part 2

  In our last post, Sensei Roemke shared how he began the journey that led him to devote most of his life to the study of martial arts, in particular ninjutsu, the art of the ninja. If you haven't heard […]

Becoming A Ninja Part 3

  Welcome to part 3 in our ninja mentoring series called Becoming a Ninja. In this four part blog series, we follow the journey of how Sensei Mark Roemke went from a youth with no experience in martial arts to […]

Becoming A Ninja Part 4

Here's the final addition to a 4-part series by Dai Shihan Mark Roemke called "Becoming a ninja." When we last encountered our unreasonably happy Dai Shihan, he was describing the origins of Pathways Dojo. Before that he told about how he found […]

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