Ninstructor Pathway Certification

We are unreasonably happy that you have decided to learn the skills  to earn instructor certification for the individual Pathway you have chosen.

There are two options for timing of certification:

  1. Before you start your program. This is the recommended route. You go through all the skills at your own pace, document your work, then submit them to us. We review and certify you. Then you are ready to lead youth down the same curricular Pathway that you just completed.
  2. Learn as you teach. The catch here is that you need to stay at least one step ahead of your students at all times. You learn the first skill (and document your work to show us at the end), then you teach it to students. Repeat for each subsequent skill. When you are done, you submit all your documentation to us for review and we certify you. What we know from experience is that if you attempt to do the skill for the first time when you are teaching it live with students, you greatly increase the odds of setting yourself up for a lesson to fail. If you are teaching how to make a hanbo for example, it's really important to make your own first, then bring it to show your students. Students learn best by example. When you pass your hanbo around the circle, you will have stories to tell from the land, the trees, and your success and challenge when making it.

The process to complete certification is simple:

  1. Complete the short form below to register for certification review with Pathways Dojo
  2. Record yourself (short 1 min or less videos) or photo-document yourself doing each individual skill
  3. Upload your videos to the folder we share with you
  4. When you are done filming, email us at with the subject line "Ninstructor pathway complete". Include the link to your folder with your photos/videos in the email.
  5. We will review your folder, then contact you letting you know if/when you pass, and then will send an e-certificate

Follow the link below to register for testing and to submit your videos.

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