Pathways Dojo East

We are not your average dojo. With our Pathways Ninja Training (PNT), we teach the ancient arts of ninjutsu in an indoor dojo setting combined with occasional outdoor training in the natural arts of survival and awareness that relate to ancient ninja skills. Our training is geared towards youth ages 7 and up. Parents/guardians are welcome to train alongside youth. Our classes are divided between basics, intermediate, and advanced. Students can advance in belt rank every six months if only training once per week with us at our live class on Tuesdays, or they can advance every three months if they additionally train at home once per week with a supervising/supporting adult. We provide training videos to support your home training. Our next quarterly training session will be October to December 2023 (with belt promotion in December). As we restart our dojo post pandemic, we plan to intentionally keep our classes small for the first quarter. You can join the waitlist for our fall 2023 program below.


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