Shadow Ninjas Teen Leadership Program

Skills, Support, Stealth

Prerequisite: Ryū/Dragon Rank or Age 13-15

The shadow ninjas program is designed to take youth to the next level of training beyond our NiN program. This program is a hybrid, with part of student time serving as leaders and teachers of younger students participating in the NiN program and part of their time splitting off from the younger students to focus on more in-depth skills within their teen group. Oh, and they get to be pretty sneaky sometimes too. This training runs concurrent with the regular youth NiN Program. This training is a three year progression. Each spring, students will have the opportunity to participate in an overnight camping experience to put their skills to practice. We will rotate themes for these overnights each year. Themes will include 1) shelter (building and sleeping in their own survival shelter), 2) survival quest (seeking food, water, fire, and shelter), and 3) The Shinobi Search (an extended wilderness wander expedition). The spring overnight trips are optional. There will be a fall 7 week and spring 7 week program concurrent with our NiN Shinobi Sundays program plus a weekend spring overnight trip.


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