Knife Safety Lesson Plan

Written lesson plan pdf and video links to learn knife safety for youth.


For most of our NiN courses, students use a knife for various skills. Completing our Knife Safety Training is essential to knowing basic knife use and safety. Most youth have very little training with knives. In this lesson, we teach safety practices to learn, and hands-on techniques to demonstrate competence. Students may also earn the Knife Safety Patch upon completion of these skills.

In this lesson plan we teach:

  • Learning the knife safety rules
  • Knife carving techniques
  • How to sharpen a knife
  • A basic first aid wound kit
  • Recommended knife and sharpening stone

With this lesson you get:

  • PDF of the lesson plan with step-by-step instructions
  • Video links for safety rules, techniques, first aid kit, and knife sharpening
  • Access to our private Ninja Mentor FB group